Jeana tells her story.....

My Interest in Therapy

In my own life I have seen first-hand just how powerful therapy can be. Good therapy has not only made me healthier and happier, it has given me the tools and strength to pursue goals in other areas of my life. I have also seen how bad therapy can be not only ineffective but outright destructive. I want to be part of the good therapy system. Good therapy has been one of the best investments I ever made, so I am proud to work with therapists who are passionate about quality care in a collaborate, affirming practice.

Social Work Perspective

As a budding social worker, my interest is in the health of the whole person. While our therapists are focused on excellence in one aspect of our clients' lives, I look at their lives through a wider lens. How can I connect them with resources that will help them leverage the gains they are making in their mental health to improve their whole lives? The practice of social work goes beyond therapy to help people obtain other services, help communities and groups provide or improve social and health services, advocate for those who are in need, and even participate in the legislative process. We work at the intersection of mental health, money, medicine, jobs, politics, housing, and so much more, to help people grow and thrive.

LGBTQ+ Experience

After my oldest kid came out as gay, my entire life changed. I lost most of my family, my church, many friends, and my marriage.

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

This upheaval resulted in a deconstruction of my faith, my beliefs and values, and my general outlook on life. It changed my perspective and motivated me to make changes in myself and in society. It eliminated toxic relationships and enabled me to find genuine love and acceptance, and a whole new community.

That kid has since engaged in their own journey to understand their gender fluid identity, and now has a wife who identifies as gender queer. I have learned so much about identities, orientations, and attractions, and sharing this information has shaped my role as a student, as a professional, and as an advocate.


Master of Social Work (in progress)
Direct Practice with Specialization in Health
University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor of Social Work
Social Work
Minor in Diversity Studies
University of Texas at Arlington

Associate of Applied Science
Child Development
Tarrant County College

Associate of Arts
Tarrant County College

My Interest in Life

I enjoy reading in all forms - print, electronic, and audio - and I enjoy writing, usually about my own life, humor, or exploring personal beliefs. I can enjoy sitting by the fire, binge watching TV shows, watching the bird feeders on my balcony, or an evening of dancing at a loud concert. I have four kids, all grown, so I frequently spend time with them and their partners playing games, eating, or talking. My son's girlfriend says we tend to talk about big topics and that's probably true, although we can be pretty silly as well. Recently I've been trying to exercise more so I walk outdoors, do yoga, or use a treadmill or bike with friends. I don't like it. But I'm doing it.