Let's learn about Susan.....

My Interest in Therapy

I have always been a people person.  What people do and why is endlessly fascinating.  I have spent many years in various people oriented careers and have been the confidant of many.  I began my career in teaching and have ten years of experience in that field working with children and parents.  I then moved into the ministry by attending Brite Divinity School.  My interest in the ministry was in helping people live fulfilling lives.  As I moved into the ministry field, I found that I enjoyed the counseling parts of my career the best.  I decided to go into the counseling field so I could do more to help others.  As I have learned and grown, I have found that most people have what they need, they just do not know it.  I work with people to discover their own inner strength and resilience.

Me as a Person

In these various stages of my life, I have gone through life experiences that have shaped me.  I was married for twenty two years and had two children.  My father passed away of lung cancer and that led me on a personal journey.  That journey led to a new understanding of my sexual orientation.  It also helped me see that my marriage was not healthy and so we divorced.  We committed to finishing the process as parents and we were able to do that as partners.  I began dating someone after the divorce.  We became very close and about a year after we began dating, he began the process of transition from female to male.  Today he and I are married.  I identify as bisexual and I am involved in supporting others whose spouses, partners or children are in the transition process.  I am also the proud mom of two grown children, one daughter and one nonbinary child.  We also have 3 fur children:  Dolly the Corgi Jack, Doodlebug the American Shorthair cat, and Lovebug the Japanese Bobtail cat.


Master of Science (in progress)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Capella University

Master of Divinity
Brite Divinity School

Bachelor of Arts
English and Elementary Education
University of Texas at Arlington

My Interest in Life

Outside of counseling and people, I have many different interests.  I love the outdoors.  The beauty and peace found in nature is quite healing.  I spend quite of bit of time at the Japanese Gardens and also swimming in my backyard while I watch the birds.  I love to meditate.   Reading is something I do every day and I especially enjoy dystopian novels.  Photography is a big interest and I like to photograph everything from flowers, to landscapes to people.  I love art including coloring, painting, and art appreciation.  I love musicals and all things Disney.  I am committed to LGBTQ+ justice issues and spend time working for it in the DFW Metroplex.