Depression. Anxiety. ADHD. Grief. Autism. Schizophrenia. Stress. Life changes. Lots of challenges we all face and working with a professional can help restore a sense of balance and fulfillment.


Testing can be used to diagnose learning disorders, uncover ADHD, understand behavioral problems, diagnose Autism, provide referrals for services, and help you understand yourself.


Finding a queer-affirming therapist can be scary and difficult. Gay? Trans? Bi? Unsure? We get it. We've been there. We will talk openly and honestly - with no judgment - to find real solutions.


Stopped talking? Not sharing? No sex? Tired of fighting over chores and errands? Infidelity? Together we can work on rebuilding communication, intimacy, trust and stability in your relationship.


Spiritual growth is a lifelong process, not an end result. Sometimes we struggle to understand our faith or how to openly identify as a seeker. Spirituality and mental health can co-exist for ALL people.

Training & Consultation

We love to share our knowledge and experience about mental health and unhealth with agencies, schools, businesses, and groups to help develop good policies and procedures.

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Therapy Tailored for Your Needs

Do you find yourself having more bad days than good ones? Are there times it feels like one more thing in your world will make you snap? Tired of constantly fighting over money and laundry and who fed the dog last? Tapped out by the demands of social media? Relationship problems? How about lacking general direction in your life and wanting to explore more of who you are and want you want in the world?

We are wonderful complex people and any time something is amiss it can touch our lives in many, many ways. Some days it’s enough to make a person…..well….look at a therapy website!

These are some problems we all face at one time or another. It is part of the human condition, and no life lived well comes without a few trying times. Therapy tailored for YOUR needs can help you move forward and live your best life.


Next Steps...

We highly encourage you to make this investment in your life, your health, and your future happiness. Contact us today to get started living your best life.