Our clinicians provide a variety of therapy approaches for individuals and groups. Therapy can be useful for addressing a wide variety of struggles, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral outbursts, grief, coping with psychotic disorders, managing Autism, and just talking through the stresses of daily life.



Psychological evaluations are one of the ways we understand how somebody is functioning. We provide testing to diagnose Autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and differential diagnoses for co-occuring conditions. Assessments are also useful for career counseling.



Providing competent services to the queer community requires a high degree of training, compassion, and cultural awareness. All of our clinicians have some direct link to the LGBTQ+ community, and a clear passion for helping this vulnerable and marginalized group. #LOVEWINS #PRIDE



Couples seek counseling for any number of reasons, including communication problems, power struggles, sexual problems, infidelity, blended family issues, or dealing with major changes. Counseling provides couples the tools to communicate effectively, solve problems, build trust, and develop intimacy.



Many people struggle to integrate faith and spirituality into their daily lives, and even more so when struggling with mental health concerns. Our clinicians understand that faith systems can evolve to incorporate our lived experiences and provide us with grounding for the healing process.


Training & Consultation

What is the point in having specialized knowledge and experience if we keep it to ourselves? We love to impart (almost) all that we know so that others are able to make meaningful contributions to the world we share. Schools, business, community groups, churches...we consult with everyone!


Polyamory & Consensual Non-Monogamy

For many people, monogamy is not the ideal relationship. We recognize that there are all kinds of loving bonds and relationships. We help people navigate opening up relationships, and coping with the demands of maintaining healthy bonds with multiple romantic and/or sexual partners.


Kink & BDSM

Our practice has a NCSF Kink Aware Professional (Wes) who is focused on destigmatizing kink and BDSM. Kink-aware therapy focuses on consent, boundaries, negotiation, technical aspects of kink play, safety, communication, maintaining healthy relationships, and integrating kink/BDSM into the individual lived experience.

More complicated offerings....

Not all of our work is therapeutic in nature. Wes Parks is often called upon to provide specialized services based on fifteen years of working in high-profile cases.


Forensic Services

Therapists are frequently requested to assist in legal matters such as child custody cases, criminal cases, civil claims, or even court-ordered therapy. Wes Parks has worked in the forensic arena for fifteen years. He is most often retained for trial consulting, sentencing/mitigation work, and expert testimony about mental health issues. Wes is also available for court-ordered therapy in both the pre- and post-adjudication stages. All forensic services are retained by the Court or an attorney. We do not accept forensic work directly from named parties in a legal matter.

Next Steps...

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